Builders Risk Insurance Coverages

Our Coverages for Builders Risk include the following:

Residential Projects

We write Builders Risk Insurance Policies for all types of residential projects.  Whether it is all new construction or complete renovations for an existing structure, we have the right polices for you.  All construction projects include modular/prefabricated homes as well as traditional wood frame or masonry structures.  We have a standard $1000 deductible with a $375 minimum premium in most states.  If you are an owner builder with building experience we welcome you to contact us.

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New Construction and Renovation Projects:

The Builders Risk policy can be written for coverages for either renovations or new construction projects.  Both Polices will cover the structure while its being built or renovated.  The renovations policy will include coverage for the existing structure plus the value of improvements to the structure.  For Professional Builders there is a monthly rate available where you will only be charged according to your current inventory.  Also, premium discounts up to 50 percent are available for Builders who have over 50 starts per year. 

Commercial Projects:

If you have a large multi-million dollar commercial project we would be pleased to assist you.  Whether you are building a Hotel in Boston or a Bio Diesel Plant in Indiana our underwriters are ready to assist you.  We have up to a $200 million capacity for completed value for superior construction projects. 

For more information, or to get an estimate use the Get a Quote or Contact us tab.